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About Level 7

Level 7 is a diploma course. Any level below 7 is not considered a diploma.

This is high level course.

The INTESOL Diploma course is targeted at practising teachers who wish to further their career in the ELT industry.

The INTESOL Diploma provides a sound coverage of the theory and derived practice of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages within different and varied contexts with reference to modern communicative methodologies.

All INTESOL trainers in our branches hold a diploma level qualification, often in addition to a Masters in TESOL.

There is a reduced fee for the diploma course for INTESOL certified applicants. Email: lyndahazelwood@intesoltesoltraining,com if you are INTESOL certified and would like to take advantage of a price reduction on a diploma course.


Success Stories

Hi there future English instructors, I started my Certificate in TESOL through INTESOL WORLDWIDE in 1999 and was awarded my certificate in January 2000. I am grateful for the training I received through INTESOL WORLDWIDE and for the experiences I had as a result of this. I have continued a career in TESOL and am currently running my own language company in Northern Ireland.
Good Luck

Chrystal C

Hi everyone, I am Felvin from the Philippines. I took TESOL and my tutor has been of great help for me in finishing the course. I really enjoyed doing the course because I was able to review the basic principles in English grammar as well as the strategies in TEFL. In addition, TESOL was very helpful in my part since I am teaching English in an Online Company which is based in China. It helped me improved my teaching competence and strategies. Hence, I would definitely recommend taking TESOL to everyone in this company.

Felvin R

The TEFL Course challenged and inspired me to go back to the basics and become more particular and careful with my grammar. It also helped me use other approaches on how to become more effective and efficient as an educator. Ultimately, it gave me more confidence and drive to teach my students whilst maintaining the fun. My tutor was a gem. She was very responsive and inspiring. I would definitely recommend the TESOL program to my colleagues and English teacher friends because it is very helpful.

Marjorie M

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