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Level 5 Courses

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About Level 5

Level 5 courses lead to the highest level of certificate. They are CELTA equivalent courses, however the INTESOL 220 hour course doesn’t just train you for general teaching of adults (The ‘A’ in CELTA stands for Adults) it includes Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) and Teaching Business English (TBE).
If you want to become a real asset to a language school the 220 hour course is the one for you.
ALL Level 5 courses include teaching practice. If the Level 5 course you are considering does not include TP, it is not a real Level 5.
Candidates for this level may be new to TESOL or they may have had some experience with a Level 3 certificate and now wish to apply for Senior Teacher or Course Director positions.
Apply today and you will be contacted by your tutor today and you can start as soon as you feel ready. You and your tutor will work at your speed. As soon as you have successfully completed the course ALAP will issue your certificate and course transcript with issue number and hologram……all acceptable worldwide, and satisfy the new Chinese Government regulations.
INTESOL Worldwide is known for honesty, integrity, excellent courses, first class trainers (at least MA TESOL) and speed of process through to certification. 

Success Stories

Hi there future English instructors, I started my Certificate in TESOL through INTESOL WORLDWIDE in 1999 and was awarded my certificate in January 2000. I am grateful for the training I received through INTESOL WORLDWIDE and for the experiences I had as a result of this. I have continued a career in TESOL and am currently running my own language company in Northern Ireland.
Good Luck

Chrystal Carter

Hi everyone, I am Felvin from the Philippines. I took TESOL and my tutor has been of great help for me in finishing the course. I really enjoyed doing the course because I was able to review the basic principles in English grammar as well as the strategies in TEFL. In addition, TESOL was very helpful in my part since I am teaching English in an Online Company which is based in China. It helped me improved my teaching competence and strategies. Hence, I would definitely recommend taking TESOL to everyone in this company.

Felvin Ray

The TEFL Course challenged and inspired me to go back to the basics and become more particular and careful with my grammar. It also helped me use other approaches on how to become more effective and efficient as an educator. Ultimately, it gave me more confidence and drive to teach my students whilst maintaining the fun. My tutor was a gem. She was very responsive and inspiring. I would definitely recommend the TESOL program to my colleagues and English teacher friends because it is very helpful.

Marjorie Millitar

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