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About Level 4

Level 4 courses are higher level courses and are more suited for people who want to make a career in TEFL/TESOL. By adding a teaching practice to the theory you can achieve a Level 5 qualification, the highest level of certification which is a CELTA equivalent,
Candidates for this level may be new to TESOL or they may have had some experience with a Level 3 certificate and now wish to apply for Senior Teacher or Course Director positions.
Apply today and you will be contacted by your tutor today and you can start as soon as you feel ready. As soon as you have successfully completed the course ALAP will issue your certificate and course transcript with issue number and hologram……all acceptable worldwide, and satisfy the new Chinese Government regulations.
INTESOL Worldwide is known for honesty, integrity, excellent courses, first class trainers (at least MA TESOL) and speed of process through to certification.

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