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The TEFL Course challenged and inspired me to go back to the basics and become more particular and careful with my grammar. It also helped me use other approaches on how to become more effective and efficient as an educator. Ultimately, it gave me more confidence and drive to teach my students whilst maintaining the fun. My tutor was a gem. She was very responsive and inspiring. I would definitely recommend the INTESOL program to my colleagues and English teacher friends because it is very helpful.

Marjorie M

I have recently completed a TESOL qualification with INTESOL Worldwide and I wish to let you know of my total satisfaction with the entire course. Although extremely challenging, my tutor was cooperative, friendly and helpful throughout and every module was taught with great effectiveness and enthusiasm. I do not think I could have chosen a better company to undertake such a course with. The whole course was conducted with skill and complete professionalism and I would be happy to recommend INTESOL to anyone.

Norman S

I expected an intensive course, and there’s a lot of ground covered in four weeks, but I was surprised by the quality and the holistic/human delivery of my INTESOL course. The trainer was very generous. Provided a model of how to create an environment for growth and learning. Generously shared knowledge and skills. Offered support, time, respected individual styles. Always there, always present, always herself. There is nothing I read before coming on the course that prepared me for the potential for personal growth that was made possible. Maybe you could find the words cos’ I can’t. Thank you for being here.

Beryl L

I decided to train with INTESOL because they ran a course that was affordable and that gave me the flexibility to complete the work over a longer period of time. I found the course easy to follow, and if I needed help with anything I just needed to pick up the phone and ask for advice, one of the team at INTESOL would always call me back and spend as much time as I needed. The course materials were interesting and gave me the knowledge that I needed to begin Teaching English as a Second Language.

Esther K

I found the course interesting and the coursework satisfying and productive. Thank you for everything and thanks to my tutor who was very efficient and gave great encouragement.

Luisa M C

Thank you so much to my tutor for your help, tolerance and perseverance – I didn’t find this last module easy, but once the penny dropped and I grasped what I needed to do, I really enjoyed this part of the INTESOL course. It has taken me a long time to complete, but I feel I have learned a lot; I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and support. I wish you all the best in the future. I’m sure lots more students will benefit from your mentoring skills and experience.

Barbara M

I really enjoyed and learned so many new things with you and your colleagues.

Anna A

Hi everyone, I am Felvin from the Philippines. I took INTESOL and my tutor has been of great help for me in finishing the course. I really enjoyed doing the course because I was able to review the basic principles in English grammar as well as the strategies in TEFL. In addition, INTESOL was very helpful in my part since I am teaching English in an Online Company which is based in China. It helped me improved my teaching competence and strategies. Hence, I would definitely recommend taking INTESOL to everyone in this company.

Felvin R

I really enjoyed the teaching practice with INTESOL Worldwide. I enjoyed the observation classes and then progressed to teaching. The feedback from the staff was excellent and their comments will help in my development.  The whole experience was extremely worthwhile and to be recommended to anyone completing an ESOL teaching course, or a student learning English. My thanks to all who made it possible. I will never forget it. Thanks again.

Valerie H

Amazing! Couldn’t have wished for a more relaxed welcoming atmosphere. Everything is in one place: school, rooms, pool, pool bar. So important on such an intensive course. Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of ESOL teaching. Always calm and able to answer any questions put to her. Support was excellent even when our trainer was very busy she would stop and help. Never made us feel like we couldn’t knock on her door. I will highly recommend the INTESOL course to anyone interested in a TESOL course.

Paul W

I decided to go with INTESOL because of the flexibility that the remote learning course offered me. It was everything that I hoped it would be, thorough, detailed and challenging, and it is set up in such a way that help is always at hand if you need it. My tutor, was a star and was always on the end of an email for advice or guidance. Finally, INTESOL even helped me to find a teaching placement near to where I live and set everything up for me, so all I had to do was go and teach!

Matt O

I arrived in Diyarbakir, a city in the south east of Turkey and it’s fantastic. I am being treated very well and I’m overwhelmed by the treatment, in fact I’m being treated like a VIP wherever I go. I am happy in Turkey as I enjoy history and this area is packed with historical places.
I am teaching at a ‘British Culture’ school and its sister organisation which is a children’s school. I am very grateful for the chance and I have been asked to find some teachers for summer so when this is confirmed I will ask yourself to forward some teachers and their details.

Adeem M

In my opinion, the quality of the course was first class. The whole course was well written, clear, interesting and well thought out. It was full of useful class-based activities which I will always refer to when I start teaching. The course structure and content was way better than I had imagined. I was impressed by the practical methods and strategies that the student teachers are encouraged to use in an ESOL class, and also the structured approach to the course was easy to follow. I learned a lot about motivating students in a classroom, building their confidence, and supporting their language learning process. I gained an understanding of language acquisition and how second language learning differs from learning one’s native tongue.

Nokuthula B

Hi there future English instructors, I started my Certificate in TESOL through INTESOL WORLDWIDE in 1999 and was awarded my certificate in January 2000. I am grateful for the training I received through INTESOL WORLDWIDE and for the experiences I had as a result of this. I have continued a career in TESOL and am currently running my own language company in Northern Ireland.
Good Luck

Chrystal C

Tutor was exceptional! Extremely knowledgeable and able to convey material in a simple manner. Extremely patient as well. Course content was diverse. The range of topics covered was perfect. From what to teach, how to teach, to what we do when we leave here. Excellent. I don’t feel lost. Everyone was excellent and understanding of what students need. Emotionally as well. Not once felt unguided. Don’t change. You are all such wonderful people!

Heather W

The course was better than I expected. Course content very thorough. Trainer awesome, knowledgeable, helpful. Always on hand and glad to help. Accommodation perfect, could not have asked for better!

Terry E

I’ve enjoyed working with my tutor and I greatly appreciate his comments and suggestions. I hope I can be the effective teacher that he has nurtured me to be! There is hopefully a teaching job in South Korea for me so my TESOL certificate will be of great use to me. Many thanks INTESOL.

Suzanne S

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction to ‘INTESOL Worldwide’ for the wonderful online program which you are conducting at present. I also like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to my tutor. She is the best instructor I have ever come across. Her professional approach and guidance gave me a lot of confidence in myself. Keep up all your good work and I will be your word of mouth for many more students.

Nehara K

Thank you so much INTESOL for all the very motivating comments. I really believe this course is making me a better teacher. Thank you! (now if I can only start to use the ‘comma’ correctly!!!!)

Kevin C

Mr. Alex Semakin is a dedicated tutor, to begin with. My assignments were checked as scheduled and sometimes earlier. It was a nice gesture for me because the course speeded up and I finished the course by the end of January. To be honest, the course was daunting. There were times that I lost my motivation, but  Mr. Semakin’s feedback and praise gave me motivation and confidence. I never received bad feedback despite my low performance. As an adult who knows how to control emotions and situations, I realized that praises, without a doubt, have a good effect no matter your age. Those saved me.  Also, I was well-guided throughout the course. My mistakes were properly corrected, instructions that I missed were pointed up nicely.

In conclusion, Mr. Semakin did a good job as a tutor. I truly appreciated his help and guidance.


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