Help With Your Visa

Need a visa? notarisation, certification, apostille? INTESOL can help you.

Once you have completed the INTESOL course and have accepted a teaching job the next step is often to apply for a work visa for the country you will be based in. In some countries, such as China, you will often have to have your INTESOL certificate notarised and authenticated. INTESOL are proud to be partnered with a UK based apostille certificate service, that will assist you with getting your INTESOL certificate notarised and authenticated, making the process a lot easier and faster. In addition to sending you the original INTESOL certificate once you have completed the course, INTESOL will also send a copy of your certificate to so you don’t have to. You will also get a discount on the notarising and authenticating process offered by
Contact Lynda Hazelwood at to start the process and claim your discount.