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Below are just some of the comments we have received from students who have completed their training with INTESOL.

Original copies of these letters are kept at INTESOL Head Office.

Kevin Culleton

"Hi Mihaela,
Thank you so much for your very motivating comments. If I am to be completely honest with you, I am really enjoying this module. Before, due to my lack of knowledge I had never dared to give a class of phonetics. Now I have a poster of the IPA chart in my classroom at all times, and I am constantly drawing my students attention to the different sounds (where appropriate). The truth is that they have responded very well to this. In the same manner due to focusing on stress and intonation, my students are starting to sound less and less like robots each day. In the certificate course I did with 'i to i tefl' this topic was only brushed upon, which I now believe to be a huge mistake on their part. This topic is very important. To finish off, I really believe this course is making me a better teacher. Thank you! (now if I can only start to use the 'comma' correctly!!!!)"


Nokuthula Bhala

" My greatest applause goes to my tutor Mihaela Dascalu. Without her instruction I would not have come this far. My tutor was direct, available and helpful in her approach, but most importantly she put as much effort into her comments and feedback as was required of me, the student, which I appreciated from the bottom of my heart. I feel I have laid a good foundation for my Masters degree which will enable me to teach at University level in the future. Without the TESOL qualification I would have found it difficult to embark on a MA in TESOL since my first degree was on Business Information Systems. I intend to embark on the course as soon as I get enough experience in teaching. Soon as I complete my teaching practice, it is my intention to find a teaching job mostly in Asia but also in Europe. My greatest ambition is to teach in the Middle East, where unfortunately I am not able to find a job just yet. It looks like I need at least one year's experience to be accepted.

In my opinion, the quality of the course was first class. The whole course was well written, clear, interesting and well thought out. It was full of useful class-based activities which I will always refer to when I start teaching. The course structure and content was way better than I had imagined. I was impressed by the practical methods and strategies that the student teachers are encouraged to use in an ESOL class, and also the structured approach to the course was easy to follow. I learned a lot about motivating students in a classroom, building their confidence, and supporting their language learning process. I gained an understanding of language acquisition and how second language learning differs from learning one's native tongue.

The course content offered great resources for in-class activities and games, which I'm sure I will utilize in the future as a teacher. I greatly enjoyed learning about error correction skills. I was so surprised that I did not know a lot about error correction strategies at all. The reasoning behind most of these strategies sounded so reasonable and made a lot of sense. I have always thought that teaching was all about meticulous grammatical correction by the teacher, and that it was the student's duty to take on board all the recommendations if they wanted to succeed. As a teacher, the logic behind being thoughtful of the learner's feelings when marking really impressed me. I have always thought that the red correction marks meant the teacher was being very thorough with marking. The module on classroom management was also a great eye opener. Hitherto I had never really thought it important for teachers to have a good rapport with the learners inside and outside of class. All the years I have been at college and university, I have never really seen any teacher worry about relationships with students. The TESOL training has made me understand how much of an advantage it is to have a good relationship with the students."

Barbara Morgan

"Hi Mihaela,
Many thanks for getting back to me with my mark. Thank you so much for your help, tolerance and perseverance - I didn't find this last module easy, but once the penny dropped and I grasped what I needed to do, I really enjoyed this part of the course. It has taken me a long time to complete, but I feel I have learned a lot; I couldn't have done it without your encouragement and support. I wish you all the best in the future. I'm sure lots more students will benefit from your mentoring skills and experience."

Best regards


Nehara Kiral

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction to 'INTESOL Worldwide' for the wonderful online program which you are conducting at present. I also like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of you for assigning Jean as my tutor. She is the best instructor I have ever come across. Without her guidance; I would have never completed this course or achieved my best results. I think, her professional approach to clear all my doubts, her advice to improve my standard, her motivation to keep up my positive thinking; gave me a lot of confidence in myself. It also helped me to get all my assignments completed on time. She is more than an asset to your institute and I wish her and the institute many more successes in the future.

Keep up all your good work and I will be your word of mouth for many more students."

Thank you & best regards, Nehara

Adeem Mahmood - secured a teaching position in Turkey through INTESOL

"I arrived in Diyarbakir, a city in the south east of Turkey and it's fantastic. I am being treated very well and I'm overwhelmed by the treatment, in fact I'm being treated like a VIP wherever I go. I am happy in Turkey as I enjoy history and this area is packed with historical places.
I am teaching at a 'British Culture' school and its sister organisation which is a children's school. I am very grateful for the chance and I have been asked to find some teachers for summer so when this is confirmed I will ask yourself to forward some teachers and their details."

Luisa Miller-Charbit

"I found the course interesting and the coursework satisfying and productive. Thank you for everything and thanks to Vince Ferrer, a very efficient and encoursging tutor"

Luisa Miller-Charbit

Suzanne Sutherland

"I've enjoyed working with my tutor, Vince Ferrer, and I greatly appreciate his comments and suggestions. I hope I can be the effective teacher that he has nurtured me to be! There is hopefully a teaching job in South Korea for me so my TESOL certificate will be of great use to me. Many thanks. "

Suzanne Sutherland.

Matt Oliver

"After a bit of research on ways of getting a TESOL qualification I decided to go with INTESOL because of the flexibility that the remote learning course offered me. It was everything that I hoped it would be, thorough, detailed and challenging, and it is set up in such a way that help is always at hand if you need it.

My tutor, Vince, was a star and was always on the end of an email for advice or guidance on little things I could improve and the other staff were just as helpful, regardless of how awkward my questions might be. As it is a distance learning course you do have to be self-motivated and put the hours in, but it's a great way to learn.

Finally, INTESOL even helped me to find a teaching placement near to where I live and set everything up for me, so all I had to do was go and teach! Although I thought this might be made more difficult because of the way I gained my teaching qualification, it was really easy and everything I'd learned slipped into place so that my placement school offered me a job! I don't think that would have happened if I'd gained by qualification any other way or with any other company. Thanks Lynda, and thanks Vince."

Dr Lesley Hodgson

"I would like to thank INTESOL and my trainer for being so understanding and patient with my family circumstances during the period of study. It has been really useful for me to be able to spend time dealing with family illnesses when needed and not being overly concerned with time commitments. I have really enjoyed the course and feel that I have added to my skills something that will be really useful in years to come"

Esther Knight

"After researching various TESOL courses I decided to train with INTESOL because they ran a distance learning course that was affordable and that gave me the flexibility to complete the work over a longer period of time. My only dilemma was whether this qualification would be accepted worldwide and stand up against the well known Trinity and Cambridge TEFL certificates. Lynda Hazelwood, the Course Director at INTESOL, assured me that the qualification was accredited through the correct channels and that I shouldn't find any difficulties finding excellent contracts with the INTESOL Certificate in TESOL.

I found the course easy to follow, and if I needed help with anything I just needed to pick up the phone and ask for advice, one of the team at INTESOL would always call me back and spend as much time as I needed on the phone to go through exercises or grammar points that I was unsure of. The course materials were interesting and gave me the knowledge that I needed to begin Teaching English as a Second Language.

I qualified as an ESOL Teacher with INTESOL in 1998 and immediately found employment with a Language School in my home town of Plymouth. Since that time I've worked in numerous Language schools from Summer Schools to Business Schools Teaching English at Masters Level, including schools in foreign countries such as Thailand and France. The INTESOL Certificate in TESOL has been invaluable and has enabled me to travel and work, as well as helping me to secure employment within the National Education System in England.

Recently I called Lynda Hazelwood with a request for my course results module by module because a school that I was applying to work with was requesting them. Considering that I took the qualification over 10 years ago now, I was amazed when Lynda gave me my results immediately over the phone from her database. This is just one example of how well INTESOL is run as an organisation and how they are there to support any of their students not just when they take the qualification but throughout their Teaching Career. And . . . I got the job!

I would not hesitate in recommending the Certificate in TESOL from INTESOL to anyone who wants to enter into the field of Teaching English as a Second Language. Whether it is to teach in a foreign country or in the UK, the qualification will certainly be accepted and give you the opportunity to follow an interesting and fulfilling career."

Terry Engel

"The course was better than I expected. Course content very thorough. Trainer awesome, knowledgeable, helpful. Always on hand and glad to help. Accommodation perfect, could not have asked for better!"

Paul Williamson

"Amazing! Couldn't have wished for a more relaxed welcoming atmosphere. Everything is in one place: school, rooms, pool, pool bar. So important on such an intensive course. Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of ESOL teaching. Always calm and able to answer any questions put to her Support was excellent even when our trainer was very busy she would stop and help. Never made us feel like we couldn't knock on her door. Mihaela and Victor were the perfect hosts. I will highly recommend both the course and the hotel to anyone interested in a TESOL course. "

Beryl Lee

"I expected an intensive course, and there's a lot of ground covered in four weeks, but I was surprised by the quality and the holistic/human course delivery. The trainer was very generous. Provided a model of how to create an environment for growth and learning. Generously shared knowledge and skills. Offered support, time, respected individual styles. Always there, always present, always herself. The accommodation was perfect. Good to have a quiet space and all the hotel spaces for meeting and chatting. There is nothing I read before coming on the course that prepared me for the potential for personal growth that Mihaela made possible. Maybe you could find the words cos' I can't. Thank you for being here."

Heather Washtak

"Tutor was exceptional! Extremely knowledgeable and able to convey material in a simple manner. Extremely patient as well. Course content was diverse. The range of topics covered was perfect. From what to teach, how to teach, to what we do when we leave here. Excellent. I don't feel lost. Everyone (teacher and director) were excellent and understanding of what students need. Emotionally as well. Not once felt unguided. Don't change. You are all such wonderful people!"

'A message from mom' - Heather Washtak
Thank you SO much for being such a good host. Heather felt like she was with her second family. I have been at peace in my heart knowing she is with good people such as all of you. Please do not leave Crete until I am able to visit you all! That is my latest goal-to visit Crete and Victor and Mihaela. With Heather's support I am sure we can make it happen. And if your travels ever take you to the United States and to the state of Ohio, you will find a small suburb near Toledo and Detroit Michigan called Maumee (Maw mee). That is where you will find a family ready to welcome you at any time. I might even fix you that yummy American potato salad !!! (reference to Heather's use of this recipe for her authentic materials lesson). Thank you so much for being the friend that you are and may God bless you.

Valerie Hanna

"I really enjoyed the teaching practice at Nantwich. I was so nervous when I went but Jean and all the staff really put me at ease and were very helpful. I enjoyed the observation classes and then progressed to teaching. My Northern Ireland accent was really useful for those students sitting exams the following week as they had a very different voice to listen to! The feedback from the staff was excellent and their comments will help in my development. I was very interested in the different aspects that were offered to the students. They received an interesting variety of teaching topics and this widened their vocabulary and speaking ability. The students worked hard and yet the atmosphere was not at all stressful. I fondly remember the poems one class wrote about chocolate, and the discussion one class had about talents and skills. This developed the students' thinking skills as well as the ability to put their thoughts into English words. The whole experience was extremely worthwhile and to be recommended to anyone completing an ESOL teaching course, or a student learning English. My thanks to all who made it possible. I will never forget it. Thanks again. "

Norman Saunders

"I have recently completed a TESOL qualification at Regents English Language Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire and I wish to let you know of my total satisfaction with the entire course. Although extremely challenging, the entire staff were cooperative, friendly and helpful throughout and every module was taught with great effectiveness and enthusiasm. I do not think I could have chosen a better place to undertake such a course and although I do not share the religious beliefs of the centre, this was never a problem. The whole course was conducted with skill and complete professionalism and I would be happy to recommend Regents [Nantwich centre] to anyone. "

Chrystal Carter

"Hi There, Future English Instructors, I started my Certificate in TESOL through INTESOL WORLDWIDE in 1999 and was awarded my certificate in January 2000. At that time I was due to exchange my tourist visa for a work permit in Japan. To my surprise I was given a 3 year 'Specialist in Humanities and International Services' visa. I wasn't degree qualified, and had average grades in my GSCE's and A-Levels, so I believe I was given this extended visa solely on the strength of my Certificate in TESOL and the company behind the program, INTESOL WORLDWIDE. My American friends were only ever given one year visas, which meant they were forced to renew them yearly by taking a trip out of the country, then they had to wait a while before they could come back in, which was time consuming and expensive. I am grateful for the training I received through INTESOL WORLDWIDE and for the experiences I had during my three year stay in Japan, awarded to me by the Japanese Government. I have continued a career in TESOL and am currently running my own language company in Northern Ireland.
Good Luck"

Chrystal Carter
Phoenix Language Academy

Mike McDonald

"I was very pleased with every aspect of the TESOL PLUS course that I did with you including value, course materials and an excellent and obviously highly competent tutor, who I felt well-supported by. I am a big believer in the value of distance education and I think INTESOL is a quality provider of this, who I do not hesitate to recommend. "

Julia Faller

"I would just like to say a big thank you to both of you for all your support in helping me achieve my TESOL PLUS Certificate (which arrived Friday last week, thank you Lynda). Vince, your patience and encouragement was very, very much appreciated. I wish you and your family all the very best with your new addition to the family and that 2010 is full of fun and good health. Lynda, it was a pleasure to work with your company and the practical was a blast in London, she is an excellent tutor, full of energy and very inspiring. I have already started working, a great success and may it continue. I wish you all the very best too for 2010 and who knows when our paths may cross again. Thanks a million to both of you for making this all possible.
With my very best wishes"

Tania Bruehl

"Dear Lynda,
I completed my course and have attached the assessment sheet. Congratulations on your course. It is very well structured and interesting. I enjoyed it very much.
Kind regards"

Tania Bruehl

Sofia Hiamilakis

"I can only say that the TESOL course was definitely worth my time and effort. Before I decided to go ahead with the course, I was teaching English with neither substantial skills nor confidence. Once I started working on the certificate, I began to acquire a deeper understanding of the English language as well as how to exert my new knowledge to my students. Of course, I owe it to my wonderful and supportive tutor, Mihaela Dascalu, for taking me through the course with ease and helping me to better myself as an ESL teacher. I now hold this great certificate in my hands and jobs are practically being thrown at me! My next step is to further my studies with an advanced INTESOL course in Business English.
Thanks again INTESOL! "

Sam Allen

"Just to say I've enjoyed the course and found it very rewarding. I had already been teaching for 6 or so years upon commencement of the course. Alongside reinforcing many of my own views regarding teaching L2, the course also helped me to learn new skills also. I'd also like to pass on my praise for my mentor, Wayne Trotman who offered me plenty of support and guidance throughout. "

Alethea Acasio

"Hello Lynda, I was one of your TESOL students, earning my certificate in 2005. I have since worked in England and Russia and I am in China now and have been offered a great job at a Middle School teaching English to 16-18 year old students.
The school needs for their records several letters of reference and I am hoping that you will provide one of them. "

Heather Spare

"Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed the course and think it is excellent. I have learnt a great deal. My tutor, Vincent Ferrer, has also been fantastic. He was exactly the tutor I needed.
With much appreciation and thanks"

Yours sincerely, Heather

Graeme Stephens

"I am pleased to have completed the course, which I have found both challenging and interesting. My trainer has been a source of inspiration, motivation and support throughout, and I am most grateful to her. Her comments have sometimes been critical, but they have always been fair, as well as justified, and have been crafted with the diplomacy of a diplomat. I have learned a lot from my trainer, not just about TESOL, but about myself as well."

Dalila Kaouane

"Reg, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your guidance and assistance throughout my TESOL course."

Amy Crosby

"Dear Jean,
Thank you so much for getting me through this demanding course. I appreciate your support and prompt marking."

Best wishes

Amy Crosby

Roland Eikenroth

"I received the certificates this week. Thank you very much for providing that course. In 2005 I worked as volunteer teacher. Since I had never taught before, that time was a real challenge to me. So I had prepared for almost everything that could happen in a classroom before I started teaching Spoken English there. But so many unexpected things had happened so that I had to learn to be flexible at any time. That time I wished to have more skills. So amongst others I realised that there are different learner types and that a well prepared teacher is able to copy with any situation. My father was delighted when I showed him the certificates. He had worked as technology teacher before he became pensioner. Now relatives and friends often ask me for advice as far as English translations are concerned. I like to help them. I really enjoyed the course.
Thank you very much again."

Claire Christea

"Thanks a lot, Lynda. It will be a great pleasure for me to continue my training with you. Believe me, I've learned a lot with the Certificate, despite my ten years of teaching! I'm enrolling immediately on ESP, then."

David Jones

"Dear Jean,
I was so pleased to have completed my INTESOL Cert TESOL course at Regents with a distinction and I have to give credit where credit's due. I know what a major contribution to my results was made by you, Norma and Tim. For that very special, and unique experience and the wonderful atmosphere of Regents I thank you all most sincerely."

Cathy Tousey

"I wanted to let all of you at INTESOL know how much I enjoyed my TEFL course in Peru. I was one of the April class, and I'm so glad I chose to go to Cusco, and to go through INTESOL Peru. I have talked to other TEFL students since returning to the US, and I really believe the training we received at INTESOL Peru was superior to most other schools. Both Ken Jones and Mark Deming are terrific instructors, and most certainly encourage you to work extremely hard! One of the most valuable parts of the training was the Student Teaching, working with actual students. The detailed critiques that accompanied each lesson were a very good tool to aid growth and awareness. Cusco itself was wonderful. The people were so friendly, and the surroundings are lovely. All the people in the office at INTESOL Peru went out of their way to help, encourage, and make us welcome. My husband came with me, and they were every bit as welcoming to him. We both learned a lot about another culture, and find ourselves wanting to return. I think there is every possibility of travelling back to Peru for a longer time; I know I would enjoy teaching English there. You mentioned that Ken may be working with another school in Chile; do you know where? It will be a while until we can do this again, but I'd like to start thinking about different possibilities. Again, thank you. INTESOL Peru is a class act'"

Eve Price

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to remark on how well-constructed the course is. It has been a real pleasure for me to complete it."

Alex Miller

"Overall, Intesol Spain is an excellent course with quality instructors who genuinely care about the students' success as TEFL teachers. From my very first email contact with them, they addressed my questions and concerns, putting me at ease and making me comfortable with my decision to move abroad and earn a living teaching English.
Upon arrival, the course revealed itself to be not only a valuable tool in training to become a teacher, but also to live in and adapt to a new society and a new way of living, with advice on apartment hunting, budgeting, and job searching. Specifically, the course seemed appropriately rigorous taking up a fair amount of my time, but leaving me the option to explore and integrate into Barcelona. In retrospect, the content of the course was just about as right on as possible in terms of preparing for what to expect when actually teaching English. In particular, the multiple hours of teaching practice, which I happen to know exceeds the offering of major competitors, adequately prepared me for what I would eventually face as a TEFL teacher.
Within two weeks of completing the course, I found 8 hours a week, for a rate that exceeded what I was told was the average pay. Within a month, after using the comprehensive list of English academies located in Barcelona provided by Intesol, that total had risen, to 15. Within another month, I brought my weekly hours to 20, which is about the maximum a schedule can handle, given travel time. The classes are, for the most part, extremely rewarding. I have received nothing but positive comments regarding my teaching abilities, and I know a large part of that can be attributed to the Intesol course. For anyone interested in establishing a TEFL career in Spain, or anywhere in the world, I highly recommend the Intesol course."

Julie Conway

"Thank you for a wonderfully challenging experience! I loved this course."

Stephanie Mitchell

"INTESOL Greece is fantastic! It's the experience of a lifetime! The location, accommodation, classes, staff - everything is simply wonderful!
At home in the US I am a high school History teacher so I have taken my share of education classes. But our trainer, Mihaela is the best instructor I have ever had! She organises the material in a clear and logical way and brings such energy to the classroom that you can't help but be excited about your progress. We were never at a loss for guidance, creative ideas or support - on ALL levels.

I also appreciated the fact that our classes and lodging were in the same building. The Alkion Hotel truly was our 'home away from home' complete with a relaxed family atmosphere. Obtaining a TESOL certificate has opened so many doors for me and I can't wait to put it to work while exploring our world at the same time! I recommend this course to anyone - without a doubt!"

Linda Tingle

"I was truly delighted to see my TESOL certificates and the grade that has been awarded. You have done a grand job designing the training programme and I cannot praise you more highly. It has been the most wonderful learning experience for me, uplifting and totally stimulating."

Graham Hadley

"I'd just like to say thank you for patiently answering all my questions. I certainly have been impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness I've received from everyone at INTESOL and it's definitely been a factor in deciding to enrol with you. Thanks!"

Bindoo Caullychurn

"Dear Lynda,
Thank you very much. I wanted to inform you that I have received my INTESOL Certificate. In fact, I wanted to continue with other courses in INTESOL. However, I am expecting a baby very soon. I shall certainly try to enrol myself for other courses next year. Thank you again together with your whole team for all the help and support that you provided during the course which has been very exciting, challenging and enriching."

Sanjay Teeluck

"Thank you all very much for this very interesting and challenging course which I have already recommended to many language teachers in Mauritius. This was a very challenging and exciting course throughout. This is not just one person's opinion but that of the other 20-odd candidates as well. We had our last meeting tonight where everyone gave their feedback on the course which was very positive indeed."

Sanjay Teeluck
Clavis IBPYP School
Mount Ory

Judith Rieck

"I read a comment from a student on your website which read 'I did it'. That's just how I feel at the moment. The feeling is one of extreme elation! I had no idea I would be embarking on such a challenging and interesting course. I have learned a huge amount from all the research I have done to complete the tasks and from my trainers, Reg and Jean. I am now a volunteer tutor with the Adult Migrant English Program here in Australia and hope to relocate to the UK (where our only child lives) next year. I am really loving it. I would like to continue to teach in a volunteer program in UK if I can. However, who knows what might lie ahead in the way of opportunities!
Many thanks for an excellent and challenging course and I'm certainly very pleased I chose INTESOL. "

Karen Ashmore

“I have had a very positive experience and am really pleased to have chosen INTESOL (which I did after a few days' searching round on the Internet and comparing about 20 different distance ESOL options) and have in fact already recommended INTESOL to a friend. For me, with 2 small kids, distance learning has been the only way to go and I have had as much time as I wanted to do each module (which you don't get with residential courses and not even with all distance courses) and I have no beefs whatsoever with the material, presentation or tutor (who has been fantastic). It has been a thoroughly positive experience.”

Rob Reeves

“Having completed my course I can honestly say that the training material was excellent, the staff brilliant and supportive.
My trainer provided me with positive feedback and guidance throughout.
I certainly made the right choice when I chose INTESOL, so much in fact that I have recommended them to my friends; one friend was so impressed when I told her she signed up for the same course within 2 days.
P.S. Off to teach in Turkey 2nd May 2004!”

Marie Gordon

“ You will be happy to know that INTESOL has opened up a whole new life for me. My college is lovely, wonderful campus with a swimming pool and sports facilities and landscaped gardens. The Leaders, as they call them here, staff and students are great. By great good fortune I met a member of the Hunan Government who introduced me to others. The up and down of the story is that I have made my home here, lost 2 stone and look 20 years younger.
I hope you are well Lynda, and thanks again for this life changing opportunity.”

Pam Woodward

“I just wanted to let you know that the teaching practice went really well – I was very impressed with Regents and thought their course was exceptionally well run and well organised.”

Chrystal Aitchison

“My name is Chrystal Aitchison, I took your COES TESOL course about 4 years ago.  I hope you remember me!  I returned from Japan about 6 months ago.  I truly had a fantastic time out in Japan and believe that without your certificate it would not have been possible to obtain a visa.  I got a full 3-year work permit.

 I worked for three different English Language Companies, including ECC.  They made me Native Coordinator for the Tokyo area.  A very challenging position for a 21 year old, combining management of around 500 foreign teaching staff, seasonal events, scheduling kindergarten sessions, and piloting a scheme to bring English into the lives of Elementary school children in a school setting.

 I thought that maybe I would have gotten the teaching bug out of my system after I returned to the UK.  I am just about to finish a contract for a local Japanese firm, where I’d been working as a Japanese Liaison Assistant. (Yes, as a result of 3 years without English TV, I’m now fluent in spoken Japanese).  I find myself thinking more and more about my teaching past and about how much satisfaction it gave me to see my students (aged 2 – 78 years) making progress and gaining in confidence with English.  I could see them begin to express themselves and take on brave new personalities that hadn’t been seen before.  As you can tell, my 3 years really did change my life, and my students tell me it changed theirs too.”

Esther Chionh

“I received the certificate two weeks ago.  Thanks a million.  Truly appreciate what you have done for me.  The certificate will truly come in helpful.  At present, I am teaching in one of the government colleges in NZ and I am thinking of changing to another school.  Yours is the only TESOL certificate that I have and I’m sure it will help me in my application.
Thanks a lot again.”

Mike Yelash

“Thanks for your many emails and help during the time I have been taking my TESOL course.  You will be pleased to know that I have now completed the course, and have sent my grades to your Knutsford address to obtain my certificate.

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course.  I found that the modules got more and more interesting and I feel that I have learned a lot in a very short space of time.  The trainers were excellent, and I found their comments (both positive and negative) were well put and highly informative.  My special thanks go to Mr Reg Burgin who ended up marking the majority of my course, and was a great help.”

Pearl Schulz

“I did it!  I am finally done with this course and I learned a lot from it.  I especially like the constructive feedback and comments made by Heather on my tasks.”

Mrs M Michailidis

“I am writing to say how much I’ve enjoyed the TESOL course.  It was a wonderful challenge, and the trainers were very helpful, offering useful advice.  The course itself is easy to follow, covering all the relevant aspects regarding the teaching of English to foreign students.  I have recommended it to several of my friends, and I am thinking of doing another course at a higher level at some time in the future.  I am now looking forward to a career in teaching English thanks to your course – wonderful!”

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